Things you'll see here: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood, Whedonverse, Misfits, Being Human (UK), Queer as Folk (US), The Outs, Whatever this is. Orphan Black

There will only be adoration of Anthony Mackie, Bastille, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bonnie Wright, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Stone, Gareth David-Lloyd, Hunter Canning, Iwan Rheon, Jenn Harris, Jennifer Lawrence, Tommy Heleringer AND Randy Harrison and JK Rowling
My babies: Jack Scruffy from The Outs, Dan-Chris-Kyle-Will of Bastille, Sam/Steve or Sam/Bucky or Sam/Steve/Bucky or Sam/Steve/Bucky/Nat (basically anyone with Sam) from MCU!!
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